Radiological Evidence Examination Facility (REEF)

Radiological Evidence Examination Facility (REEF)

SRNL is home to the Radiological Evidence Examination Facility (REEF), a ~6,000 sq. ft. radiological/nuclear partner lab for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct traditional forensics on evidence containing or suspected of containing radiological and nuclear materials.

SRNL uses ISO 17025 accredited methods recognized by the FBI, including sample management and quantitative/qualitative analysis of radioactive samples. The scientific staff has extensive experience and practice in analyzing diverse radioactive/SNM material.

SRNL provides casework support and hosts local, national, and internation-al training exercises for the FBI Hazardous Evidence Analysis Team (HEAT). Capabilities of HEAT include:

  • Trace Evidence
  • DNA
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Tool Marks
  • Latent Print
  • Questioned Documents
  • Computer Analysis Response Team
  • Forensic Imaging

The Mobile Digital Radiography Isotope Identification System (MoDRIIS), funded by the FBI, is also located at SRNL and provides the capability to examine and confirm shipping container content for potential hazards and nuclear material content.

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