Tritium Focus Group

Tritium Focus Group

The Tritium Focus Group (TFG), a Standing DOE Working Group, promotes cost-effective improvements in tritium safety, handling, transportation, storage and operations, and enhances communication across the Department of Energy (DOE) (inclusive of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)) on all matters related to tritium.

The Tritium Focus Group consists of participants from member organizations and non-member organizations whose activities are organized by the two TFG Coordinators. Member organizations consist of those receiving DOE funding for tritium activities, such as DOE sites and laboratories, and universities conducting DOE-sponsored research. The TFG may form subcommittees, as necessary, to address specific issues and needs.

Subcommittees consist of individuals with experience, subject-matter expertise, or interest in the specific issue, with a coordinator-appointed lead.

The TFG meets at least annually and usually semi-annually and encourages the exchange of related technical information via meetings, conferences, and symposia.

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