Laboratory Directed Research & Development

About LDRD

SRNL seeks to support the critical DOE missions of clean energy, national security, environmental stewardship and nuclear materials management. The LDRD program aims to position the Laboratory for programmatic growth through early exploration and exploitation of creative ideas that will enhance the ability to execute current and future mission priorities in these areas and to sustain staff excellence. The program seeks to leverage the unique capabilities of the Laboratory to yield foundational scientific research in our core business areas, while aligning with the SRNL Strategic and Institutional Plan and ultimately DOE and commercial sector applications.

The objectives of the LDRD program are as follows:

  • Maintain the scientific and technical viability of the laboratory
  • Enhance the laboratory’s ability to address future DOE and NNSA missions
  • Foster creativity and stimulate exploration of the forefront of science and technology
  • Serve as a proving ground for new concepts in research and development
  • Support high-risk, potentially high-value research and development

LDRD By The Numbers (infographic)