Nuclear Materials Recovery

SRNL delivers integral support to the mission of the NNSA Office of Material Management and Minimization by leading key programs related to HEU (high enriched uranium) and plutonium minimization. SRNL, through research, innovation and technology deployment, supports initiatives in research reactor conversion, fissile material removal, and fissile material disposition designed to minimize the need for, the presence of, and the production of weapons-usable nuclear material around the world.

SRNL supports nuclear materials recovery by:

Leading irradiated HEU and separated plutonium removal programs including the Gap program and foreign research reactor spent fuel return programs.

Jointly leading NNSA’s new PRO-X initiative to enhance proliferation resistance frameworks for research reactor and other nuclear systems.

Innovating and developing novel, agile nuclear material processing technologies and systems including mobile, modular platforms such as:

  • Mobile Plutonium Facility (MPF) for rapid recovery of plutonium materials from foreign weapons programs.
  • Mobile Melt Consolidate (MMC) technology for minimization of HEU materials through melt processing.
  • Developing and applying new technologies supporting NNSA’s Surplus Plutonium Disposition (SPD) program that helps to improve safety, lifecycle cost/schedule and reduce worker dose.
  • Developing and leading cross-cutting technologies necessary for the conversion of HEU-fueled research reactor to LEU (low enriched uranium) fuel and for the conversion of Mo-99 production facilities to LEU targets.