SRNL lives by the ethos that no scientific or technological capability necessary to fulfill our missions is beyond our reach. Our people focus on assuring scientific and technological excellence, driving a culture of operational excellence, and ensuring the continued high quality and integrity of its critical environmental management and national security missions. Our facilities, from those crucial for advanced manufacturing to those enabling breakthroughs in chemistry and nuclear science, are the envy of the world. We provide the highest levels of safe, effective training to those that bring our facilities to life. Our portfolio of capabilities extends into regulatory expertise, AI modeling and simulation, and testbeds and proving grounds.

Our Main Capabilities Areas

Regulatory Center of Excellence

The SRNL Regulatory Center of Excellence (RCE) provides innovative strategies that address mission-critical, regulatory compliance challenges at Department of Energy (DOE) sites.

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Advanced Technology Proving Ground

The Advanced Technology Providing Ground applies scientific and engineering capabilities to meet national security challenges while providing unique opportunities to test new ideas and concepts in a secure environment.

aerial view of decommissioned reactor range

Atmospheric Technologies Group

The Atmospheric Technologies Group (ATG) at SRNL puts Science to Work through a comprehensive program of applied atmospheric research, technology development, and operational support.

the Atmospheric Technology Center

Network of Analytical Laboratories

SRNL is part of a small and select group of Network of Analytical Laboratories (NWAL) dedicated to the provision of particle reference materials, which provides support to the International Atomic Energy Agency verification mission.

Three scientists working on equipment in a lab

Advanced Modeling & Simulation

Advanced modeling and simulation enables the U.S. government to identify immediate and emerging global security threats, combat those threats, and maintain technological superiority. 

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Radiological Evidence Examination Facility

SRNL is home to the Radiological Evidence Examination Facility, or REEF, a radiological/nuclear partner lab for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

scientists standing at a table surrounded by radioactive caution tape

Mesoscale Transport & Flux Facility

The Mesoscale Transport and Flux Facility (MTaFF) is a center of Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and partnering universities focused on transport and flux of natural and anthropogenic constituents in water, soil and air.

Woman crouched down holding a plastic container sampling water in constructed wetlands.

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Research Areas

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A culture of collaboration and teamwork permeates everything we do.

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Our mission ethos: no scientific or technological capability is beyond our reach.


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“As a research institution, diversity is critical to our mission and is the fabric of our organization.”

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