Science at Work is a podcast from Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) in Aiken, South Carolina. The podcast includes stories about how SRNL scientists, engineers and other talented professionals help protect our environment, serve our national defense, secure our clean energy future and much more. It’s been 20 years since the U.S. Department of Energy designated SRNL as a national lab, but the very beginnings of SRNL stretch back to the early 1950s and the Cold War.

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  • Pelotons, Priuses and Permanent Magnets

    In this episode we talk with Alex Bretana, an SRNL physicist and postdoctoral fellow working in advanced energy and materials. Alex recently won a People’s Choice Award in a research SLAM where he described his innovative work to non-scientists. He enlightens us on his study of new materials for unique applications in science, such as…

  • Smoothies, Radioactive Waste and Pink Cadillacs

    In our first episode we talk with two special guests. Sean Noble is a chemical engineer at SRNL who recently highlighted his work in advanced computer modeling at the National Research SLAM in Washington, D.C. Sean explains how his research increased safety and productivity while reducing costs associated with the mixing and transporting of liquid…