Research Areas

SRNL conducts research critical to the safety and security of our nation and the world. Our commitment to a healthy planet drives our exploration into novel, cost-effective approaches to environmental stewardship – both in our nuclear legacy and fulfilling current and future missions. SRNL also makes vital inroads into new ways of ensuring the nation’s security through weapons production technology and global security initiatives involving nuclear nonproliferation and advanced technology analysis. Additionally, SRNL is at the forefront of basic science and carbon-free energy production research. Always at our core, our diverse team of people propel our research beyond the horizon. We Put Science to Work – for the environment, the nation and the world

Our Main Research Areas

Environmental and Legacy Management

SRNL is the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management’s national laboratory. In this role, SRNL applies its unique expertise and applied technology capabilities to assist DOE sites across the nation in meeting their cleanup requirements.

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Nuclear Material Processing and Disposition

SRNL designs, develops and tests processes, flow sheets, and equipment to support excess nuclear material storage, processing and transportation.

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Tank Waste Processing and Disposition

SRNL designs, develops and tests processes, flow sheets, and equipment to support processing and disposition of radioactive tank waste.

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Groundwater and Soil Remediation

SRNL supports the treatment and remediation of contaminated groundwater and soil.

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SRNL leads in the management of the Network of National Laboratories for Environmental Management and Stewardship (NNLEMS).

National Security

SRNL’s expertise in national security spans across many areas, including weapons production technology, nuclear nonproliferation and advanced technologies analysis.

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Nuclear Materials Recovery

SRNL plays an important role in supporting the National Nuclear Security Administration’s mission.

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Weapons Production Technology

SRNL serves as a technical authority of tritium processing research and development, and technology maturation. 

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Plutonium Pit Production Program

SRNL supports NNSA’s mission of maintaining a safe, secure and reliable nuclear stockpile.

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SRNL support of nonproliferation efforts crosses a wide range of activities.

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Cyber Security and Threat Assessment

SRNL has extensive experience in supporting the intelligence needs of the United States involving cyber security and threats.

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Tritium Focus Group

The Tritium Focus Group promotes improvements in tritium safety, handling, transportation, storage and operations. 

Emerging Science & Technology

SRNL provides technology-based solutions for meeting our country’s energy security objectives. We do this by producing applied technologies through multidisciplinary programs of scientific research and applied engineering.

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Laboratory Directed Research & Development (LDRD)

LDRD seeks to leverage the unique capabilities of SRNL to yield foundational scientific research and development.

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Hydrogen Production & Storage

SRNL’s leading-edge hydrogen research and development not only sustains national security, but also works to ensure our nation’s long-term energy security and a clean environment.

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Renewable Energy Research

SRNL’s Center for Hydrogen Research provides a state-of-the-art facility for the development of innovative hydrogen technology and research.

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A culture of collaboration and teamwork permeates everything we do.


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Our mission ethos: no scientific or technological capability is beyond our reach.


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“As a research institution, diversity is critical to our mission and is the fabric of our organization.”

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