Regulatory Center of Excellence

Strategies, Expertise Available to Address Regulatory Challenges

Connecting Customers

The Regulatory Center of Excellence’s (RCE) connection to SRNL and the Network of National Laboratories for Environmental Management and Stewardship provides the technical knowledge base necessary to understand and explain complex remediation and treatment techniques. The RCE connects customers with experts to develop regulatory and communications strategies that reduce the risk of regulatory decision disputes, schedule delays and increased cost.

Facilitating Dialogue

From the start of a project through its completion, the RCE facilitates open dialogue that enables addressing related issues and concerns early in the process. Having that information incorporated in the remediation or treatment approach ensures robust stakeholder acceptance and support from the onset while addressing environmental justice concerns.

Getting to Mission Completion Sooner

With the ability to harness the power of the Network of National Laboratories for Environmental Management and Stewardship (NNLEMS), the RCE offers its expertise and capabilities in the regulatory field to provide technical, regulatory and stakeholder strategies for complex regulatory issues to reduce risk, accelerate decision making and avoid increased project costs.

Credible Third-Party Subject Matter Experts

The RCE’s university partner, the University of Georgia, provides credible, third-party academic experts in regulatory and public engagement issues — something the national laboratories cannot provide organically. The University of Georgia also offers a wealth of multi-disciplinary expertise including regulatory engagement, environmental management, public communications and collaborative processes. Longenecker and Associates provides a cadre of experts with experience working for state regulatory agencies, who provide real-world guidance and expertise in the development of effective communication strategies for nuclear cleanup and radioactive waste management.


  • Located within the Savannah River National Laboratory, at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site, near Aiken, South Carolina.
  • On an as-requested-basis, the Regulatory Center of Excellence provides innovative strategies to address mission-critical regulatory compliance challenges throughout the DOE complex.
  • Draws upon collective expertise of SRNL, Longenecker and Associates, and SRNL’s university partners.
  • Connects customers with experts who have implemented proven regulatory strategies.
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