MSIPP Contacts

For information about the DOE-EM Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program (EM MSIPP) and its operation, contact:

Vivian Holloway
SRNL Program Manager, EM MSIPP

Savannah River National Laboratory

The DOE-EM Headquarters point of contact for EM MSIPP is:

Genia McKinley
EM Program Manager,

U.S. Department of Energy

To apply for a Research Award* contact:

Debbie Pope
SRNL Procurement Representative

Savannah River National Laboratory

Simona Murph
SRNL EM MSIPP Technical Liaison

Savannah River National Laboratory

*Expression of Interest and Request for Proposal

For EM MSIPP Internships information at a specific laboratory, contact:

Lindsay Buettner

Argonne National Laboratory

Eric Pierce

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Myken Johnson

Idaho National Laboratory

Sabrina Hoyle

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Cassandra Casperson

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kimberly Ross Malson

Savannah River National Laboratory