SRNL Achieves 5 Million Safe Hours Worked

February 5, 2020

AIKEN, S.C. (Feb. 5, 2020) In December 2019, the Savannah River National Laboratory achieved more than 5 million hours of operations without a lost work day, marking just shy of three years without a workplace injury or illness causing an employee to miss work. “I am proud to work with a group of professionals who have made personal commitments to safety,” remarked Laboratory Director Dr. Vahid Majidi. “The team’s commitment to safety, security and quality is essential to the personal and professional well-being of every lab employee. It’s also critical to achieving the larger goals of our laboratory.”

In 2018, SRNL was the safest of the 17 National Laboratories, based on the measure of employee days away or restricted due to workplace injury or illness. The laboratory has been designated as the safest across the Department of Energy complex eight years in the last decade, with statistical information for all laboratories currently available through 2018. The laboratory is expected to be named the safest laboratory once again in 2019.

Given the nature of its work dealing directly with numerous hazards, SRNL has historically fostered a rigorous safety culture. “This is an impressive record for a research and development organization, where our mission is on the cutting edge of scientific work to protect the nation. We really have to think through what we’re doing when we perform our work, which, by its nature, is new and has never been done before,” said SRNL Environmental, Safety & Health Director Lynette Connelly. “There is a higher degree of risk in performing the unknown.”

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) is a multiprogram research and development center that puts science to work to protect the nation by providing practical, cost effective solutions to the nation’s environmental, nuclear security, nuclear materials management, and energy manufacturing challenges. SRNL is managed for DOE by Savannah River

Nuclear Solutions, a Fluor-led company whose members are Fluor Federal Services, Newport News Nuclear and Honeywell.


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Chartered as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Environmental Management National Laboratory, SRNL is a multidisciplinary innovation center dedicated to research and development and to protecting the nation in environmental, materials and energy sciences, national security, nuclear materials management and digital technology.


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