SRNL’s Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman Named 2019 ASM International Fellow

October 30, 2019

AIKEN, S.C. (Oct. 30, 2019) – ASM International, formerly known as the American Society for Metals, named Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman, SRNL’s Director of Innovation and University Engagement, as a 2019 ASM International Fellow. The title recognizes her accomplishments as a technical and professional leader in the field of material science and engineering 

Dr. Hoffman was awarded for broad applied science contributions to materials performance research in nuclear applications, for the development of scientists and engineers in the area of nuclear materials research and for bridging the national laboratory with academic communities. 

SRNL Deputy Laboratory Director, Sharon Marra, notes that Dr. Hoffman demonstrates integrity and engagement in her field. “Liz influences and encourages mentors and young scientists to make a difference in their discipline. Under her leadership, we have seen a growth in our [SRNL] relationships and collaborative projects with universities across the U.S. She is a well-deserving recipient of the title ASM fellow.” 

The honor highlights her ability to volunteer and connect people with scientific interests. She has been extensively involved with ASM International since graduate school, where she started as a member of Materials Advantage, a combined effort between ASM, the American Ceramic Society (ACerS), and the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS). 

“As a grad student, I served as the Young Member Chair of the ASM “Liberty Bell” Chapter in Philadelphia, which was my first significant volunteer effort in the society,” said Hoffman. 

In this role, she supported the inception of Materials Camp in the Philadelphia area, which is a week-long event where high school students perform experiments and learn more about materials science and engineering. Since then, she has been involved with the Savannah River ASM Chapter in a variety of roles, including Chair of the Chapter in 2008, and has served on a variety of national committees, including Chapter Council, Nominating Committee, Awards Policy Committee, Emerging Technology Awareness Committee and Women in Engineering Committee. 

Dr. Hoffman expressed sincere appreciation in being honored by her peers. “This recognition is important to me because it is recognition from others in the society that I have made a difference to further the field of materials science and engineering and that I have made some level of positive impact on others,” said Dr. Hoffman. 

Today, Dr. Hoffman continues to leverage her leadership, passion for science and networking skills as SRNL’s Innovation and University Engagement Director. In this role, she manages and integrates programs designed to further scientific innovation within the laboratory, including the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Program, Postdoctoral Researcher Program, and the University Engagement Program. 

Awards were presented at the annual ASM Materials Science and Technology banquet in October. 

Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman, SRNL Innovation and University Engagement Director, has been named the 2019 recipient of the ASM International Fellow 


Media contact: SRNL Media Relations