3 SRNL Researchers Earn Laboratory Fellow Honors

July 5, 2022

AIKEN, S.C. – Savannah River National Laboratory researchers Douglas B. Hunter, Tracy S. Rudisill and Anthony Gouge received the honor of laboratory fellow from Director Vahid Majidi and the SRNL Fellow Committee.

Hunter, Rudisill and Gouge earned the distinction of laboratory fellow for their outstanding scientific achievements, and exceptional accomplishments for SRNL.

“This is a great honor bestowed to our scientists and engineers at the apex of their contributions with international peer recognition, and a great history in laboratory and community citizenship,” said SRNL Laboratory Director Vahid Majidi.

Savannah River National Laboratory established the Laboratory Fellow Program in 2020. To receive the accolade, employees must first be nominated by their peers, and then be recommended by the Fellow Committee and Review Panel to the laboratory director, who ultimately bestows the title.

“These candidates have made outstanding contributions to their areas of expertise, to SRNL and to the nation,” said SRNL Fellow Committee Chair David DiPrete. “They are welcome additions to the community of SRNL laboratory fellows.”

Douglas B. Hunter, PhD, is recognized as a foremost expert in noble gas absorption, collection, separation, and analysis within the nuclear nonproliferation community. He has been praised by the Department of Defense and other U.S. agencies for his innovations and leadership in the field. His leadership and development of selective adsorbers has had a tremendous impact on U.S. government programs SRNL Fellows (from left to right) Douglas B. Hunter, Tracy Rudisill and Anthony Gouge. Ad1_SRNL_2022Fellows permitting development of materials and equipment for gas collection that significantly extend current operational capabilities and sensitivities for these missions. Through his work, the nation can field new, more efficient, and more capable equipment for its nuclear treaty monitoring mission with greater ease and portability and in a wider variety of locations than ever thought possible.

Tracy Rudisill made exceptional contributions to nuclear chemical process operations, the nuclear fuel cycle, and to national security. He is an exceptional chemical engineer who possesses a deep and broad knowledge of actinide separations as applied to the nuclear fuel cycle, the nuclear weapons complex, and defense nuclear nonproliferation activities. His solutions to technical problems are elegantly simple and carefully developed with an eye on implementation. This approach has led to many successes including the first hot demonstration of the uranium extraction process, sustained reprocessing and purification of actinide materials from foreign and domestic sources, and the evaluation and mitigation of off-normal conditions encountered in solvent extraction processes.

Anthony Gouge built an international reputation as a highly skilled and recognized technical expert in nuclear fuel reprocessing, heavy water production and nuclear chemistry. He uses innovative procedures and applies scientific knowledge to advance projects and formulate solutions that extend science and technology within and outside SRNL. He is a recognized technical resource within, as well as beyond the DOE complex, both within the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in the area of nonproliferation verification, and the U.S. Intelligence Community. He is frequently called upon by outside laboratories and organizations to provide consulting on areas within his area of expertise.

Savannah River National Laboratory is a United States Department of Energy multi-program research and development center that’s managed and operated by Battelle Savannah River Alliance, LLC (BSRA). SRNL puts science to work to protect the nation by providing practical, cost-effective solutions to the nation’s environmental, nuclear security, nuclear materials management, and energy manufacturing challenges (https://srnl.doe.gov/).

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Savannah River National Laboratory researchers Douglas B. Hunter, Tracy S. Rudisill and Anthony Gouge

Media contact: SRNL Media Relations