SRNL and Augusta University Establish First Joint Appointment to AdvanceResearch in Cyber Sciences

September 2, 2021

Aiken, S.C. – Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and Augusta University have appointed Dr. Jeffrey Morris to a joint faculty position to advance research in cyber sciences. The joint appointment is the first of such kind between Augusta University and SRNL.

In the position, Dr. Morris will utilize his expertise in cyber security, quantum cryptography, and systems engineering to further the needs of SRNL and the Department of Energy. His focus on quantum cryptography has substantial application to ensure the veracity of the electrical grid and other areas pertaining to power security and resiliency.

“We’re thrilled to begin this collaborative relationship with Augusta University to advance cyber sciences,” said Dr. Vahid Majidi, laboratory director, SRNL. “This joint appointment will create unique educational opportunities for local Augusta University students, as well as intellectual mentoring of SRNL’s younger cybersecurity staff to strengthen the intellectual prowess of the SRNL cybersecurity workforce.”

The joint appointment also opens the door for SRNL to support Augusta University proposals on several cybersecurity efforts, especially in critical infrastructure, research and development. SRNL has invested in the development of a robust critical infrastructure, industrial control system and cybersecurity (CIIC) distributed laboratory. This laboratory infrastructure, both at SRNL and the Georgia Cyber Center, creates a research and development catalyst where SRNL and Augusta University can pursue joint research, mutually leveraging each other’s strengths.

“The appointment of Dr. Morris strengthens our partnership with Savannah River National Lab,” said Alex Schwarzmann, the dean of the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Augusta University. “We are excited to cooperate with SRNL in the areas of cyber science research and education. This appointment will facilitate collaboration between our faculty and SRNL technical staff, enable new practical experiences for our students, and create flexible educational opportunities for SRNL staff.”

Dr. Morris, an assistant professor with Augusta University’s School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, earned his doctorate from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 2014, where he researched modeling and simulation of quantum encryption devices. He also earned master’s degrees from the National Defense University and Nova Southeastern University.

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Dr. Jeffrey Morris

Media contact: SRNL Media Relations