Savannah River National Laboratory honors staff for scientific and technical achievements

April 26, 2018

AIKEN, S.C. (April 26, 2018) –The Savannah River National Laboratory recognized more than 40 staff members for their scientific and technical excellence at its Research and Technology Recognition Reception this evening. 

“The ability of the Savannah River National Laboratory to deliver on its important national missions relies on the intellectual curiosity and the drive for innovation of its staff,” said Dr. Vahid Majidi, SRNL director. “This is our opportunity to recognize the contributions of our talented researchers to science and engineering and celebrate their achievements.” 

Held annually, the SRNL Research and Technology Recognition Reception honors recipients of patents, copyrights, commercial licenses, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), and Laboratory Director Awards for early career achievement and exceptional scientific and technical achievement, as well as other local, regional and national awards and fellowships. 

Laboratory Director’s Awards In 2017, these staff members received Laboratory Director’s Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievements in advancing science and engineering in areas of strategic importance to SRNL missions. 

Early Career Exceptional Achievement  

  • Tim Aucott   
  • Braden Brown  
  • Marion Cofer  
  • Joshua Hewitt  
  • Cory Trivelpiece  

Exceptional Scientific and Engineering Achievement  

  • Robert Barnett  
  • Robert Buckley  
  • Andy Duncan  
  • Matthew Folsom 
  • Mark Hudson  
  • Devon McClane  
  • Simona Murph  
  • Charles Nash 

Special Award Winners 

The following staff members received special honors in 2017. 

  • Tracy S. Rudisill – Don Orth Award of Merit, which is the highest honor given by SRNL for technical excellence and leadership. 
  • Tracy S. Rudisill – Glenn T. Seaborg Actinide Separations Award, recognizes U.S. scientists and engineers who have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the development .and application of actinide separations processes and methodology.  
  • Brenda Garcia-Diaz – LDRD Most Valuable Project Award, which recognizes the recognizes the LDRD (Laboratory Directed Research and Development) project that generated the highest return on investment during the previous five years. This is the first year that SRNL has given this award. 

Technical Fellows 

The following Savannah River National Lab staff were named technical fellows in 2017. 

  • Kerry A. Dunn – Embassy Science Fellow to U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. The Embassy Science Fellow program uses science and technology experts in the U.S. Government to provide expertise in key areas and to help foster bilateral relationships with the host country. As Embassy Science Fellow, she contributed toward the goal of eliminating highly enriched uranium – material that could be used to create an improvised nuclear device – from certain research sites in Japan. 
  • Elise B. Fox – American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow. She was named an ACS Fellow for her work in advancing materials characterization for renewable energy, promoting renewable energy policy and for her leadership at every level of ACS. 


The following Savannah River National Lab staff received patents in 2017.  

  • Philip M. Almond 
  • Donald L. Anton 
  • Christopher J. Berry  
  • John T. Bobbitt, III  
  • Robin L. Brigmon 
  • Jose A. Cortes-Concepcion  
  • William E. Daniel  
  • Brenda L. Garcia-Diaz  
  • John R. Gordon  
  • Bruce J. Hardy  
  • Lawrence J. Harpring 
  • Russell K. Huffman  
  • Gerald T. Jannik  
  • Matthew R. Kesterson  
  • Paul S. Korinko  
  • Michael J. Martinez-Rodriguez  
  • Simona H. Murph  
  • Luke C. Olson   
  •  Robert A. Pierce  
  • Daniel R. Radford  
  • Tracy S. Rudisill  
  • Matthew J. Siegfried 
  • David A. Tamburello 
  • Kathryn M. L. Taylor-Pashow 
  • Aaron L. Washington, II 
  • Matthew S. Wellons  
  • Ragaiy Zidan 


The following Savannah River National Lab staff were involved in executing Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) in 2017. CRADAs permit the transfer of SRNL technologies, processes, research and development capabilities, and technical knowledge to industry. 

  • Jake Amoroso  
  • Hector Colon-Mercado 
  • Chris Dandeneau 
  • Bruce J. Hardy  
  • Scott McWhorter  
  • Ragaiy Zidan 


The following Savannah River National Lab staff were involved in executing technology license agreements in 2017. 

  • Steven M. Serkiz  
  • Ragaiy Zidan  

Savannah River National Laboratory is a multi-program national laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management. SRNL puts science to work providing practical, costeffective solutions for the nation’s environmental, nuclear security, energy and manufacturing challenges.


Media contact: SRNL Media Relations