Patrick Garcia

Associate Laboratory Director, Weapons Production Technology


Patrick Garcia is the associate laboratory director for Weapons Production Technology at Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL). In this role, he is responsible for delivering on all SRNL weapons program components of the National Security Initiative, leading SRNL’s Research and Development efforts to deliver more efficient tritium-based processing technologies, leading materials research to improve the understanding of gas/metal interactions, establishing technical competencies supporting plutonium pit production, and supporting new technologies for more efficient production of helium-3.

Prior to joining SRNL, Garcia was the senior director of the Stockpile Management Office within the Production Agency at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). He held multiple technical and programmatic leadership roles over his 31 years of service at LANL, including leading the Weapon Systems Engineering Division, the program integration office start up, the warhead manager of the W76 Mk4/4A and W88 Mk5, lead of Design Agency (DA) Surveillance and DA system, the W76 System Surveillance Engineer, and Pit Surveillance Engineer. Additionally, he was a member of several groups while at LANL, including Mk4/4A and Mk5 Project Officer Group and the Joint Re-Entry System Working Group with the United Kingdom Trident Program. Prior to his work at LANL, he was a rod mill production engineer for American Rolling Mill Company.

Garcia has earned multiple Defense Programs Award of Excellence from the National Nuclear Security Administration, a LANL Distinguished Performance Award, and the Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Award.

Garcia has a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University.