mark barnes headshot

Mark Barnes, Ph.D.

Director Research Enterprise Management
Savannah River National Laboratory
Education: University of Florida, Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry Ithaca College, B.S., Chemistry


Dr. Mark Barnes is the Director, Research Enterprise Management at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL)


Mark has 32 years of experience at the Savannah River Site supporting waste characterization, process and flowsheet development, and unit operations. He has demonstrated extensive leadership in providing solutions to complex technical and organizational issues and has an extensive bibliography dealing with organic and inorganic chemistry of liquid waste processing issues across the DOE Complex. His directorate oversees SRNL science and technology core competencies and manages cross-cutting capabilities for SRNL’s programmatic directorates. Mark leads four SRNL Divisions that provide analytical characterization, remote and specialty equipment, advanced computation and modeling, and energy research and strategies for SRNL, the DOE Complex, and other federal agencies. Prior to his technical management track, Mark was a Fellow Scientist in SRNL whose work centered on the application of physical inorganic and organic chemistry to the nuclear processing industry. His primary responsibility involved providing technical support to any of several major nuclear processing facilities at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site with emphasis on nuclear waste separations and waste management.

Recent Noteworthy

Mark led his organization’s activities successfully completing transition of the SRNL F/H Analytical Laboratory into Building 773-A, moving capabilities and staff, improving accessibility, and providing operational cost savings estimated at $15 million in FY22 with additional savings in the outyears. He received the United States Department of Energy Secretary’s Achievement Award in September 2016 for his efforts supporting the WIPP Technical Assessment Team and Accident Investigation Board associated with an unexpected radiological release.