william bates headshot

Bill Bates

Deputy Associate Laboratory Director Environmental & Legacy Management
Savannah River National Laboratory
Education: LeHigh University, B.S., Electrical Engineering


Bill Bates is the Deputy Associate Laboratory Director for the Environmental and Legacy Management (ELM) Directorate at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) focusing on disposition and cleanup of the legacy nuclear materials, waste, and facilities across the DOE complex.


Bill Bates has 36 years of nuclear experience, including early technical roles in SRS Reactor Technology and Engineering, and management roles in Reactor Instrumentation and Controls (I&C), and High-Level Waste Systems in the SRS Tank Farms. In 2000, he transitioned to Operations Management. His Facility Management roles have included Deputy Facility Manager for the K Area Material Storage (KAMS) facility, L Area (Spent Fuel Program), and the Receiving Basin for Offsite Fuels (RBOF) and Facility Manager for K Area (KAMS) during the DOE Plutonium Consolidation Campaign. From 2006 through 2008, he served as the Manager for K Area Business Programs, Project Controls, and Quality Assurance. He returned to Operations Management in late 2008 as the Deputy Director and later Director for Nuclear Materials Storage (K and L Area Facilities). He transitioned to SRNL in 2012 as the Deputy Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear Materials Management and moved to ELM in 2021.

Recent Noteworthy

Bill has participated in several significant multi-lab teams, including the 2013 Pu Disposition Working Group, the 2015 Pu Disposition “Red Team”, DOE Environmental Management’s 2019 H-Canyon and Spent Fuel Management Independent Project Team (IPT), and the 2020 DOE Nuclear Materials Handling and Infrastructure (NMI) IPT. He led the 2017 NDAA-3134 Hanford Supplemental Low Activity Waste Treatment Analysis FFRDC Team and most recently was the FFRDC Team Lead for the 2021 NDAA-3125 follow-up study to the NDAA-3134 effort.